Age of Admittance Children can start at nursery at any time after the age of two.

Hours of Opening and dropping off and collecting your child The nursery is open between 8am and 6pm five days a week (Monday to Friday). Your child will stay for lunch if booked in for a full morning, short day or full day session. All the children booked in for these sessions eat lunch together at 11:45am. Afternoon sessions start at 12.30pm. Full details of the range and cost of sessions are given in the Fees section below.
Parents should accompany their children into the nursery through the main doors. Children will be kept in the building or garden until the parent arrives to collect them. If you bring other children with you when you collect or drop off your nursery child please be aware they are your responsibility whilst on nursery premises. If someone other than yourself is to collect your child, the nursery staff must be informed. Please collect your child promptly, as late collections incur additional charges, and disrupt the nursery day.

Parking and Entering the Nursery The nursery accepts no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to persons, vehicles or property outside the Nursery area. (Do not park in the school car park or on the yellow zigzag lines outside the school)

Absences Please telephone the nursery if your child is going to be absent or arrive more than 1 hour later than usual, for whatever reason. There is no reduction in fees if your child is absent or late. We require all children to arrive by 9am or 1pm in alignment with their respective session as adult led focus will start around this time. Should you arrive after this time there is a possibility you will need to wait outside until the activity is completed, should a member of staff not be available.

Nursery Holidays: The nursery is closed for Christmas, Easter, Whit and August bank holiday weeks and all other Bank Holidays. During school holidays we operate holiday club.

Fees: Please see the fees page (Link here)
Little Dragons receives grant funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Should you be eligible we offer the 30 hours funding all year round, which works out on average 22.5 hours a week. If you are not eligible for funding, or wish to take additional sessions outside of your funding, you will receive an invoice outlining the costs incurred.

Payment: Fees must be paid in full, monthly in advance within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. Please do remember that you are purchasing a place at the nursery, and not merely paying for the sessions that your child attends. Should your child be absent, full fees will be charged. We operate a late fee should you be late collecting your child, for more information on this please see the fee page.  One month’s notice is required in writing to terminate a nursery place.
If a cheque fails to clear, a charge of £10.00 will be made to cover bank charges.

Illness: If your child has a rash, sore throat, raised temperature, sickness or diarrhea, please do not bring them to nursery, but keep them at home until they are recovered. Should your child become ill at nursery, we will contact you. In an emergency, if necessary, your child will be taken to hospital. The nursery has adopted the Health Authority guidelines on exclusions for infectious illnesses, e.g., chicken pox.

Little Dragons communicable disease exclusion periods can be found here. –  6 2.1 Communicable Diseases

Clothing: Please label your child’s clothing as many clothes worn by the children are identical.  Aprons are provided for messy work, but we cannot ensure that your child’s clothes remain clean. For this reason please send your child in comfortable clothes which you do not mind getting a little messy. Messy play is one of the best ways to learn!  Little Dragons t-shirts, over the head hoodies and zip up hoodies are available to purchase from the office. Where possible we would ask that parents / carers send their children with separate indoor / outdoor shoes, please feel free to send slippers for inside.

Valuables: Please do not bring jewellery, money or other valuables to nursery. We do understand that your child may wish to bring toys to nursery, but these can get lost or damaged. Unless a specific toy is a comforter, which cannot be left at home, please do not bring toys to nursery.  Every effort is made to ensure the safety of your child’s belongings, however the nursery cannot be held responsible for any losses.

Medicines Prescription medicines or other aids should be labelled, together with instructions and handed to nursery staff, who will assist you in recording these in a medicine FILE. Staff can give only prescription medicines and we are unable to administer any medication within the first 24 hours of it being allocated to the child. Therefore we ask you keep your child at home during the first 24 hours of taking the medication to ensure no allergic reactions take place.

Confidentiality of Notes Records will be kept of your child’s progress and achievements to help plan appropriate activities. They are also required under the terms of our Ofsted registration. These are always available for parents to read and may include a section for parent’s contributions about their child’s progress. The records are confidential and only accessible to nursery staff, the child’s parents and the chair of the management committee while the child is at nursery. Parents will receive termly reports and a final report when their child leaves nursery.