7 thoughts on “Little Dragons Day Care Registration Booklet 2021

  1. Just spoken to Jessica and she said I need to do a form to register my daughter jasmine Lane to start in January her dob is 05/12/18.
    She is very behind in her learning and stepping stones have said that she will need 1 to 1 and that you can apply funding for it. As she will be 3 years old but she is more like 8month to 12 month old.

  2. Hello, I am looking for a space for my son he is 3 he will be. 4 in November he onlyy gets 15 hours funding would need to have Tuesday as a main day . Thanks Charlotte

  3. Hi just wondering if allowed to visit now covid restrictions relaxed. Hoping my daughter can enrole this year

  4. Hi my daughter turned 3 in may and would like to get her into nursery for the free 15 hours

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