Funding / 30 Hours

At Little Dragons we offer an array of different funding, and this page is to support you in knowing which funding is our there and if you could be eligible.


Talking 2’s

Do you have a toddler who is two? If so, you can apply for a free place for your child if one or more of the following criteria applies to you:


  •  Meet the criteria for Free School Meals
  •  You receive working tax credits and have household gross yearly income of no more than £16,190
  • The child has a current statement of SEN or an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • The child attracts Disability Living Allowance
  • They have left care through special guardianship or an adoption or residency order (including Children in Care)


Your child is entitled to a free place if your child’s 2nd birthday falls between:

Children born between Eligible to start from
1 April – 31 August Autumn term (starts September)
1 September – 31 December Spring term (starts January)
1 January – 31 March Summer term (starts April)


You can confirm your eligibility by clicking HERE

Still unsure? You can call 01952 385385 and they will check for you. You will be asked for your national insurance number, date of birth and your surname.


Talking 3’s & 4’s

Every 3 and 4 year old child is entitled to 15 hours per week of free early years provision, for 38 weeks per year from the term after their third birthday.

This must be taken over a minimum of two days and with a maximum of two childcare providers.

Children are eligible at the start of the term following their third birthday until statutory school age, so a child born between:

Children born between Eligible to start from
1 April – 31 August Autumn term (starts September)
1 September – 31 December Spring term (starts January)
1 January – 31 March Summer term (starts April)



EYPP is the abbreviation for Early Years Pupil Premium. This funding is available to children whose parents receive /  meet one of the following criteria’s

If your child is eligible or was eligible for the Talking 2’s Funding, it is highly likely they will also be eligible for the EYPP funding. This funding has proven highly beneficial to children who have received it in the past, as it allows us to buy resources / further training to help your child. Rest assured if your child is entitled to this funding, the funding we receive will directly benefit your child and their development.


30 Hours Funding

At Little Dragons we are eager to support parents with the new 30 hours incentive. However due to our small setting we are only able to offer a limited amount of spaces and these will operate on a first come first served basis. We will be working closely in connection with St Georges Primary School in an attempt to offer continued provision on the same site. More information surrounding this will follow shortly.

Parents of 3 and 4 year olds will need to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for 30 hours free childcare:

•They earn or expect to earn the equivalent to 16 hours at National Minimum or Living Wageover the coming three months.

•This equates to £120 a week (or c.£6,000 a year) for each parent over 25 years old or£112.80 a week (or c.£5,800 a year) for each parent between 21 and 24 years old.

•This applies whether you are in paid employment, self-employed or on zero hours contract.

•The parent (and their partner where applicable) should be seeking the free childcare toenable them to work.

•Where one or both parents are on maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption leave, orif they are on statutory sick leave.

•Where one parent meets the income criteria and the other is unable to work because theyare disabled, have caring responsibilities or have been assessed as having limited capabilityto work.

•Where a parent is in a ‘start-up period’ (i.e. they are newly self-employed) they do not needto demonstrate that they meet the income criteria for 12 months.

•If a non-EEA national, the parent must have recourse to public funds.

Who will not qualify?

A parent will not meet the criteria when:

•Either parent has an income of more than £100,000

•Either parent is a non-EEA national and subject to immigration control (and has no recourseto public funds)

What happens if you lose eligibility?

•You will receive a “grace period” – this means you will be able to keep your childcare for a short period.

•Once the “grace period” has lapsed, you may be entitled to the universal 15 hour entitlement.

You can check your eligibility for 30 hours funding HERE. Please be sure to record your 11 digit code, as you will need to include when registering your child.

Now you hopefully have the information you need, if you would like to apply for a space with us please download the registration form HERE or call for further support on 01952 567756.