Welcome to Little Dragons

Welcome to Little Dragons

The Nursery

We are a small non-profit making nursery, and believe that good care and good early education cannot be separated.

We offer an array of funded sessions for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. To check if you are eligible for free funded hours and to see how you can take these hours please click here.

Little Dragons is pleasantly situated in the extensive grounds of St.Georges C of E Primary School. We operate as a self-contained unit having our own facilities for work and play, but also enjoying the benefits of being part of an educational campus.

Your child will be able to observe the daily routine of school life, further easing the transition from nursery to a school of your choice.
Little Dragons operates the High Scope style of teaching, offering a wide and varied range of activities both within the building and using the extensive space outside.  The High Scope approach encourages the child to plan, act and reflect on what he/she does and helps the child to develop self-confidence, independence and a positive attitude to learning.  The child has unrestricted access to the nursery’s resources in order to promote this child-led approach.
As well as child-led activities, we also work from ideas using early science and technology.  This involves children working on practical experiments where learning takes place from what is happening in front of them.  We aim to introduce our children to the wealth of stories, plays and poems that are also used as springboards for further exploration.  Early writing and reading skills are encouraged, and are incorporated into the children’s work.

Development and learning needs are best met within the security of a warm and simulating environment where trusting relationships have been built.  In this supportive atmosphere, children are resourceful and imaginative.  When encouraged, they will develop confidence in their own ideas and make them reality.
Your child is an individual.  We believe in maintaining a high staff ratio so that we can give individual attention and support to each child’s learning.

This will encourage the development of self-confidence, independence and enjoyment in learning.  In this way he or she will be able to maximise the opportunities later on at primary school.   We also encourage children to value each other as individuals.

Our policy is to use practices which value differences of gender, race, culture and language.

Should you have any queries please contact us by completing the form below or using the information to the right.